Here are ALL of the Meta4 Pictures I have drawn, divided into groups.
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Attitudes and Habits

Wearing masks Mountain_climber

Dreams and Vision pictures

Whirlpool dream Cave and boulder dream "Impossible" pebble stack - Beach view "Impossible" pebble stack - Aerial view

God’s Big Picture

Prospector Bible truth versus relevance Cosmos as building metaphor Cosmos as sandcastle

Nature and Animals

Be strong lion


Rocket sled Cosmic Tile Puzzle Fridge metaphor I wish I had a fish Glass half full couple arguing Uncharted_territory Distracting technology Telephone exchange Bible as laser - Ball & Chain Throwing out TV Baited_hooks

Places and Pathways

Dark room - God's light Danger - Thin ice Life maze cul-de-sac

Sea and Sailing

Cruise ship or rescue boat 01 - Liner.jpg Cruise ship or rescue boat 02 - Underpowered.jpg Cruise ship or rescue boat 03 - Church Rescue Boat.jpg Cross as lighhouse

Story Metaphors

Giant Oak tree Facing the giants and farmer

Just fun

Repaint - Thin no more colour Expulsion from Eden - Adam’s tantrum