Bible Cartoons Maps to help show Samson’s life journeys

Posted 04 Jul 2024

Bible Cartoon Maps of Samson’s life

I have finished creating maps that show the various locations in Israel that Samson travelled to. He certainly got about a bit! When I traced out his comings & goings I realised a single map would be rather confusing, so I created 4 small-scale maps that show the 4 main phases of Samson’s life. I have created 4 corresponding large-scale maps (more detailed) to show Samson’s movements, with notes on the map that briefly show what he did in each major location.

The maps are aerial views, as if the viewer were hovering above Israel, looking from the south towards the north. I have applied perspective to the landforms, so the mountains appear to get small the further away from the viewer they are. I have applied small, brown variable thickness “terrain lines”, which I hope give a sense of the land sloping up from the sea towards the higher hills & mountains.

All the towns & villages that Samson visited are marked on the maps, with various other features as well: towns, cities, rivers, mountains, valleys, etc.

You can see all the maps by clicking on “Maps” in the menu bar above. There are several ways to see the Samson maps:
01) By clicking on “Search by Bible Book” & going to “Judges”.
02) By clicking on “Search by Geographic Region” & going on “Southern Israel”.
03) By clicking on “Search by Bible Character” & going to “Samson”.

When you have clicked on any of the 9 Samson maps, under the right hand “Purchase” & shopping cart part of the page is the “View/Buy ALL maps in collection of Samson maps – Judges 13-16”. Going to this location you will see all 9 of the Samson maps, & buying the whole set provides you with a great discount too!


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