Meta4 Picture: Prospector and gold

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Bible code: 7500300101
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Meta4 Picture Description

This is a full colour version of a design I drew some time ago. It shows a Prospector from the North American gold rush era (19th century) and his words “There’s gold in them thar hills!”, a popular phrase I probably heard on a old western film!

The gold I am refering to is metaphorical “gold”, ie the knowledge, wisdom & insight to be found in the Bible, rather than the mineral from the ground!

Sermon/teaching theme suggestions: This picture could be used to talk about the “gold” that can be found in the holy Bible. You could highlight the fact that people can read the Bible & get the most obvious “golden nuggets” from it, but that they could also “dig deeper” & find additional “gold” with further study.

Bible study may require time, patience, persistence, etc, all of which can be drawn out using this picture.

Trust in God’s goodness, His dedication & commitment to encourage us to read the Bible, & the “Eureka!” moments we can experience whilst reading/studying the Bible could all be themes which this picture might help to illustrate.

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