Meta4 Picture: Bible truth verses relevance

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Meta4 Picture Description

This metaphor picture came about as a result of listening to a podcast. It illustrates Biblical truth (the Gospel of Jesus the Christ) compared to a “gospel” including the addition of the latest philosophy, New Age thinking, etc.

The podcast was from Australian pastor Katherine Ruonala (Glory City Church, Australia) from 23rd Nov 2014. She speaks eloquently (10:00 mins into the podcast) about presenting the whole Gospel of Jesus the Christ. She explains that there is a danger that in the name of “relevance” (to non-Christians) we might add something that is not actually Biblical, to the gospel message we present. Of course we are to speak in ways that our listeners can easily understand; using anecdotes & figures of speech which are contemporary – that sort of relevance is fine. But adding or altering anything of the ESSENTIAL, core Christian message (the cross & the Gospel of Jesus the Christ) is always a dangerous & deceptive thing to do. Adding things such as New Age thinking, popular philosophy, Humanist ideas or other religious views, in the name of “relevance” will always have a detrimental effect, because it will always “water down” the Gospel, or “pollute the living waters” of the Gospel, which will subtly detract from the essential message: the cross of Jesus & his sacrifice to remove our sins & gain access for us to Father God in heaven.

Mixing Bible truth with anything else creates the “lukewarm water” spoken of in Revelation chp 3, which the Lord will spit out – don’t want that to happen to any of us!

This is a most timely message from pastor Katherine Ruonala; as she reminds us on the podcast, there are plenty of people who today are turning away from the whole Gospel of Jesus, & are adding or subtracting things from it, in order to present a more “palatable” gospel… which is no gospel at all, or at least not the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, & therefore incapable of saving anyone from anything!

It is the Holy Spirit who convicts & convinces people of their need for Jesus, & the method He uses often includes the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus. If the whole Gospel of Jesus isn’t enough to convince someone that they need a personal saviour in Jesus, then no amount of adjustment or inclusion of “relevant” information (on our part) will.

What matters is TRUTH, over & above relevance.

Sermon/teaching theme suggestions: This picture could be used to talk about the importance of not “watering down” the whole Gospel message, particularly in the name of relevance to our listeners or those we are trying to reach. The core value & message of the Gospel must remain intact & unchanged.

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