Meta4 Picture: Throwing out TV

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Meta4 Picture Description

Throwing out TV metaphor picture.

We seem to live a large proportion of our lives in the entertainment world, especially the worlds of TV, film (cinema, DVD), books, computer games, etc. I am questioning the suitability of doing that, & wondering if there is a BETTER WAY to live.

When we sit alone or with someone else & watch a TV programme or DVD film, etc, our attention is all on the screen. Rarely do we engage with each other. Is that a good idea?

This picture shows a man throwing out the TV, as a metaphor of trying a different approach to life, hopefully a more satisfying one.

Sermon/teaching theme suggestions: This picture could be used to talk about how we use our time; the priority we give to our own leisure & entertainment. It can be used to raise the question of just how important we think prayer, reading our Bibles & doing other Christian activities are, when compared to passive involvement in our own entertainment.

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