Meta4 Picture: Life maze cul-de-sac

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Meta4 Picture Description

Life maze cul-de-sac metaphor picture.

Life maze cul-de-sac - PARTIAL 01 600x450px col.jpg
Life maze cul-de-sac – PARTIAL
Close-up of the figure walking out of a cul-de-sac in the life maze.

Life maze cul-de-sac - PARTIAL 02 600x450px col.jpg
Life maze cul-de-sac – PARTIAL 01
Close-up of the maze cul-de-sac, with posters of women & magazines on the floor.

Life maze cul-de-sac - PARTIAL 03 600x450px col.jpg
Life maze cul-de-sac – PARTIAL 02
Close-up of the maze with food on a table & posters showing pleasure from food.

Life maze cul-de-sac - PARTIAL 04 600x450px col.jpg
Life maze cul-de-sac – PARTIAL 03
Close-up of the far end of the maze, with computers, technology & playstations on offer.

I have been interested in mazes as a metaphor for life for some time now. This is the first picture I have drawn to illustrate the idea of a maze. In this scene the maze represents life & a figure in the maze is someone going through their life time. The golden arrows on the floor of the maze represents God’s guidance, urging us onwards. The end of the maze (unseen in my picture) would represent both the end of someone’s earthly life & their step into the after life.

Ideally a person walking through the maze will not get distracted by any of the items on display, but will continue on the “golden arrow pathway” towards heaven. If/when a figure pauses & goes into a dead-end, that represents a temptation which has distracted them from the golden pathway. Notice that the dead-ends have items in them: money, possessions, entertainment, cars, food, posters of women, playstations, computers, etc. These are all forms of distraction which might tempt a person to look away rom God, or “forget” about Him & which cause that person to remain static & unmoving.

The figure in the picture is emerging from a cul-de-sac or dead-end passageway in the maze. In that particular dead-end are posters of women, magazines, etc; that persons particular distraction. The good news is, the figure is emerging from the cul-de-sac & is ready to resume their journey on their walk of faith.

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Sermon/teaching theme suggestions: This picture could be used to talk about distractions & temptations, & the cycling nature of sinning & receiving forgiveness from sin, from the Lord God.

It could be used to talk about different elements of modern life & how distracting to our Christian faith they can be. It can also be used to talk about the Holy Spirit & how he constantly urges us on in our Christian walk.