Meta4 Picture: Cross as lighthouse

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Cross as lighhouse
Bible code: 7500700401

The cross of Jesus as a lighthouse metaphor picture.

This picture came from someone in the congregation at Fore Front church (where we attend) on the same day as the Telephone exchange one.

The idea is that the cross of Jesus “shines” in darkness, showing us the way to go (in life) much like a lighthouse guides ships & helps them to find there way.

I was very pleased with the way the sky came out – I really enjoyed colouring this picture!

Sermon/teaching theme suggestions: Amongst many other things the cross is about love & self-sacrifice. This picture could be used to illustrate the way in which the cross of Jesus points us in the right direction: towards self-sacrifice for the good of other people. It could be used to show that we live in a dark, stormy world, full of difficulty & turmoil, but that, even in the midst of all of that, the cross of Jesus “shines” out to us, to guide us safely to the “harbour” of God & His amazing love.