Meta4 Picture: “Impossible” pebble stack - Aerial view

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Bible code: 7500200401
Scene no: 2 of 2

Meta4 Picture Description

“Impossible” pebble stack metaphor picture.

There are 3 pictures that illustrate this metaphor:

01) “Impossible” pebble stack – Beach scene
02) “Impossible” pebble stack – Aerial view
03) “Impossible” pebble stack – comparison scene

01) is on the previous page, whilst 02) & 03) are on this page.

Sc 03 - Impossible pebble stack - comparison view metaphor 980x706px col.jpg
”Impossible” pebble stack – comparison view
This picture has been been drawn to show a comparison between flat square stones (and how easily they can be stacked) and rounded ones. How unlikely it would be for rounded stones to be able to be piled several high, let alone hundreds high, up into the sky… without God’s power holding them upright!

Follow this link to see the BC Blog article about these “impossible” pebble stack pictures:
“Impossible” pebble stack – vision pictures

Sermon/teaching theme suggestions: These pictures could be used to talk about the concept of “nothing is impossible for God” found in Matthew 19 & Luke 01.