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Total Old Testament cartoons drawn: 507
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Total Bible Cartoons (OT + NT) drawn: 1036

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Aaron - Moses’ Assistant, First High Priest of Israel Abednego/Mishael Abiram - son of Eliab Abishai - son of Zeruiah (nephew of David) [Army Commander] Abner - son of Ner (cousin of Saul) [Army Commander] Abram/Abraham Absalom (son of David) Adam [First man] Ahab - son of Omri [King]

Ahasuerus --- see Xerxes I, "Xerxes the Great"/ [Persian King]

Ahimaaz - son of Zadok Amminadab - son of Ram Andrew [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] Anna - daughter of Phanuel [Prophetess] Asher - son of Jacob/Israel


Balaam - son of Beor [Prophet] Barabbas Barnabas/Joseph 'Son of Encouragement' Bartholomew/Nathaniel [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] Bartimaeus Benjamin - son of Jacob/Israel Boaz (kinsman of Elimelech, Naomi's husband)


Caleb - son of Jephunneh [Spy/Leader]


Dan - son of Jacob/Israel Daniel/Belteshazzar Darius the Mede [King] Dathan - son of Eliab David - son of Jesse [King] Delilah The Devil, Satan Dinah - daughter of Jacob/Israel


Eli - descendant of Ithamar, son of Aaron - High Priest (14th Judge) Eliab - son of Jesse Eliezer - son of Moses Elijah [Prophet] Elisha - son of Shaphat [Prophet] Elizabeth - wife of Zechariah Esau - son of Isaac Esther/Hadassah (adopted by Mordecai) [Persian Queen] Ethiopian eunuch Eve [First woman] Ezekiel [Prophet] Ezra [Prophet]


Gad - son of Jacob/Israel Gehazi [Elisha's servant] Gershom - son of Moses Gideon/Jerub-Baal/Jerub-Besheth - son of Joash [5th Judge]

God --- see Lord, The

Goliath [giant Philistine soldier]


Hagar (Egyptian servant of Sarai/Sarah) Haggai [Prophet] Ham - son of Noah Hathach (eunuch in Queen Esther’s service) Herod I 'Herodes Magnus', Herod the Great [King] Hezekiah - son of Ahaz [King] Hezron - son of Perez


Isaac - son of Abram/Abraham Ishmael - son of Abram/Abraham Issachar - son of Jacob/Israel Ittai (a Gittite/native of Gath) [Army Commander]


Jacob/Israel - son of Isaac James/Cleopas- son of Alphaeus [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] James - son of Zebedee [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] Japheth - son of Noah Jesse - father of David Jesus the Christ (Son of God/Son of Man) Jeremiah [Prophet] Jeroboam I - son of Nebat [King] Jezebel - daughter of Ethbaal (king of Tyre and Sidon) [King Ahab's wife] Joab - son of Zeruiah (nephew of David) [Army Commander] Joanna Job John - son of Zebedee [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] John Mark/Mark the evangelist John the Baptist Jonah [Prophet] Jonathan - son of Saul [King] Joseph - son of Jacob/Israel Joseph - son of Heli (husband of Mary (the mother of Jesus)) Joseph of Arimathea Joshua - son of Jehozadak [High Priest] Joshua/Hoshea - son of Nun [Spy/Leader; Moses’ assistant] Josiah [King] Judah - son of Jacob/Israel Judas Iscariot [Disciple/betrayer of Jesus]


Korah - son of Izhar


Lazarus - brother of Mary & Martha Levi - son of Jacob/Israel Lord God, The; Father God Lot - nephew of Abram/Abraham Luke [Doctor/Physician]


Mark --- see John Mark/Mark the evangelist

Martha - sister of Lazarus & Mary Mary - mother of Jesus Mary of Bethany - sister of Lazarus & Martha Mary - wife of Cleopas (James Little's mother - sister of Mary (mother of Jesus)) Mary Magdalene Matthew/Levi [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] Meshach/Hananiah Miriam - sister of Moses and Aaron Mordecai - son of Jair (adoptive father of Esther) Moses Moses' mother


Naaman [Aramean Army Commander] Naboth - the Jezreelite Nahshon - son of Amminadab Naomi/Mara - mother-in-law of Ruth Naphtali - son of Jacob/Israel

Nathaniel --- see Bartholomew/Nathaniel [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus]

Nebuchadnezzar [Babylonian King] Nehemiah - son of Hacaliah [Governor of Persian Judea] Nicanor [Deacon] Nicodemus [Pharisee] Nicolas from Antioch [Deacon] Noah - son of Lamech Noah's wife


Obed - son of Boaz and Ruth On - son of Peleth Orpah - daughter-in-law of Naomi/Mara


Parmenas [Deacon]

Paul --- see Saul (of Tarsus)/Paul

Perez - son of Judah by Tamar

Peter --- see Simon/Peter

Pharaoh [Egyptian King - in Joseph's time] Pharaoh [Egyptian King - in Moses time] Pharaoh’s daughter Philip [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] Philip the evangelist [Deacon] Pontius Pilate [Roman Governor/Procurator] Procorus [Deacon]


Queen of Sheba


Rahab [Harlot/Innkeeper] Ram - son of Hezron Reuben - son of Jacob/Israel Ruth - daughter-in-law of Naomi/Mara


Salmon - son of Nahshon Salome - wife of Zebedee Samson [13th Judge] Samuel - son of Elkanah [Prophet, 15th & last Judge] Sarai/Sarah - wife of Abram/Abraham

Satan - - - see Devil, The

Saul (of Tarsus)/Paul Saul - son of Kish [King] Shadrach/Azariah Shebna [Treasurer in King Hezekiah's court] Shem - son of Noah Shimei - son of Gera Shunammite woman Silas/Silvanus Simeon - son of Jacob/Israel Simeon [in Jerusalem Temple] Simon of Cyrene Simon/Peter [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] Simon the zealot [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] Solomon/Jedidiah - son of king David [King] Stephen [deacon]


Thaddeus/Judas - son of James [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] Thomas/Didymus [Disciple/Apostle of Jesus] Timon [Deacon]



Widow of Zerepath


Xerxes I, 'Xerxes the Great'/Ahasuerus [Persian King]


Zacchaeus [tax collector] Zacchaeus’ wife Zebulun - son of Jacob/Israel Zechariah - husband of Elizabeth Zerubbabel - son of Shealtiel/Sheshbazzar Zipporah - wife of Moses
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