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Song of Songs
Book type: Wisdom
Author: Solomon
No. of chapters: 8
Key character(s): God, Beloved, Friends, Lover.
Brief description: Song of Songs – Celebrating human love.
Theological outline:
01) Longing is a part of love (1:1-8)
02) Love will not be silent (1:9-2:7)
03) Spring & love go together (2:8-17)
04) Love is exclusive (3:1-5)
05) Love is enhanced by friendship (3:6-11)
06) Love sees only the beautiful (4:1-7)
07) Love involves giving & receiving (4:8-5:1)
08) Love means risking the possibility of pain (5:2-6:3)
09) Words fail for expressing love (6:4-7:9)
10) Love must be given freely (7:10-13)
11) True love is priceless (8:1-14)

Love – how does the believer express love to another human being? That is the issue in the Song of Songs (aka the Song of Solomon.)

The theology of the Song of Songs must be discovered by the implications, presuppositions & suggestions of the book rather than by its direct teachings. God is never mentioned in the book.

Looking beyond as well as directly at the text itself, the following doctrinal truths are evident:
01) God made man & woman to compliment each other in every way.
02) God made man & woman physically attractive to each other.
03) God meant for human sexuality to be expressed in an exclusive relationship.
In a real sense the Song of Songs picks up where the account of the creation of man & woman in Genesis 1-2 leaves off. There both man & woman are made in God’s image. This means they were to have a responsible &meaningful relationship with their creator. They were (also) made to have an enriching relationship with each other. This included sexual suitability, for they were to multiply upon the earth. The Song of Songs reflects such doctrine but does not expressly state it.

Later traditions of Judaism & Christianity have used allegorical & typographical methods of interpretation to extend the meaning of the Song of Songs to (include) God’s love with his people & Christ’s love for the church.

The Song of Songs is a refreshing reminder of the beauty & wonder of love shared between a man & a woman. The church needs to teach its people this wonder & beauty in the proper relationship.
[Source: NIV Disciple’s Study Bible]