Bible Cartoon: Matthew 14 - Jesus walks on water - Scene 06 - Worship

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Bible Book: Matthew
Bible Book Code: 4001403201
Scene no: 6 of 6

Bible Reference & Cartoon Description

Matthew 14:32-33 (ANIV)
32 And when they [Jesus & Peter] climbed into the boat, the wind died down. 33 Then those who were in the boat worshipped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.”


“during the fourth watch”; between the hours of three and six in the morning.

There is very early morning sunlight, coming from the left of the picture, which is illuminating the scene. Notice Jesus’ sleeves & hair have yellow sunlight on there edges. The yellow sunlight is also visible as a feint yellow glow in the clouds.
The lamp at the top of the mast casts a warm yellow glow on the mast, sails & disciples below.

In the boat, from left to right: Judas Iscariot, John (son of Zebedee & brother of James) holding his hands together in prayer/worship. We can see Thomas/Didymus (”Doubting Thomas”) standing behind the mast & holding the boom. Simon/Peter has been dragged into the boat by his brother Andrew, who is still holding his hand & pulling on Simon/Peter’s robe! Matthew/Levi is next, also praying & worshipping Jesus the Christ with hands together. James (son of Zebedee & brother of John) is holding up one of the oars, with Philip on the tiller (rudder bar)

Jesus the Christ is standing on the lake water, hand on the boat’s gun wale, waiting to get on board the boat.

I really enjoyed drawing this scene, particularly all the water coming off Simon/Peter in huge drops!

A note about facial expressions.
There are quite a few different facial expressions to note in this scene: Judas Iscariot has one lowered eyebrow & is looking a bit scornfully at Jesus. Thomas/Didymus (”Doubting Thomas”, standing behind the mast) is looking less doubtful, with open-eyes, but is still doubting!
John & Matthew/Levi are both praying with hands together & looking wonderingly at Jesus. Notice that Matthew/Levi’s seasickness (the green tinge to his skin from previous scenes) has finally left him too!
James (holding up one of the oars) is looking with wide-eyed wonder & admiration. Philip (on the tiller or (rudder bar) has open-eyed & open-mouthed amazement written all over his face!
Simon/Peter has a bewildered expression of awe, fear, amazement whilst his brother Andrew is wide-eyed with wonder mixed with shock.
Jesus is the only one looking calm & confident, as you’d expect! He loves his disciples, regardless of their performance.

The fish is a red herring (just for fun!) as shown in the previous scene (Matthew 14 – Jesus walks on water – Scene 06 – Jesus saves)