Should I sell the new wide screen Bible Cartoons?

Posted 11 Feb 2022

Exodus 17 - Water from rock - Scene 01 - No water at Rephidim A3 980x693px col.jpg
Bible Cartoon: Exodus 17 - Water from rock - Scene 01 - No water at Rephidim (Wide Screen)

Having decided to return to the Old Testament, this morning I finished a week-long colouring session in the book of Exodus. Several customers have asked me to consider designing wide screen versions of my cartoon images. The logic seems sound: many projectors & monitors, TV’s, etc are wide screen format now.

I draw on A4 paper (297×210 mm) & scan that into my computer. That paper is rather more “square rectangular” than wide screen, which is “elongated rectangular”! Or, to put it another way, I need to add about 83 mm to the sides of an A4 page, to make it wide screen. That means scanning in 2 pieces of paper & stitching them together.

So far, so good. Then I need to colour up the extra wide page, which takes quite a bit of extra time. What I haven’t figured out yet is how to make these new, wide screen images available, without totally confusing my customers! There are already two versions of every cartoon (High Quality 150dpi & Medium Quality 72 dpi) on the BC website, I reckon if I add two new, wide screen versions, no one will buy anything! So for now I am cropping the new images back into the familiar A4 size, & selling them like that.

The image above shows the new wide screen Bible Cartoon. Notice the faded edged white rectangle in the middle? That’s the cropped image that I sell on the BC website.

One new customer is using the extra wide images to produce little animated videos of the scene/story. That’s possible since the wide screen version has extra background scenery that can be moved around. Imagine you are driving along on a bike or in a car & you look sideways, you’ll see the nearby scenery moving past you much faster than the landscape further away, whilst hills or mountains in the distance will hardly seem to move at all. That effect is easy to create if I produce wide screen images, with extra background to move around on separate layers.

So tell me, would you like me to sell the 2xA4 versions AND the 2xwide screen versions of my Bible Cartoons on the website? I’d really like to know!

Follow the link below to see the new scene on the BC Gallery page, with download & purchase options:
Bible Cartoon: Exodus 17 – Water from rock – Scene 01 – No water at Rephidim


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