New Luke’s Gospel Bible Cartoons: The Parable of the Rich Fool

Posted 30 Apr 2020

Although I haven’t posted any new blog articles or on social media much, I have been drawing and colouring up Bible Cartoons. I have drawn 4 of the 5 scenes devised for Luke chp 12, Jesus’ parable of the Rich Fool.

Oddly enough I decided to start drawing Scene 3,4 and 5 first, and then drew scene 1. I coloured up the scenes in that order too, and have now loaded them into the BC website. I just have scene 2 to draw and colour up and then the set will be finished.

Here’s a link to the first scene:

Bible Cartoon: Luke 12 – Parable of the Rich Fool – Scene 01 – Crowd caller

You can use the Forward and Back buttons below the pictures to navigate to the other scenes in this 5 part set.


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