Competition for 5 free Bible Cartoons: What percentage of the Bible do you think I have managed to draw?

Posted 20 Nov 2018

Here’s a quick guessing game, just a bit of fun for you.
I’ve been drawing Bible Cartoons for 10 years now – can you guess how much of the Bible I have drawn? I’ve got at least 1 Bible Cartoon in all 66 books of the Bible; having drawn 703 in total.

There are 31,095 verses in the Bible [1]. Can you guess how many verses I have drawn a Bible Cartoon for?
It may be easier for you to guesstimate that figure as a percentage, so here’s the competition question:

COMPETITION QUESTION: What percentage of the Bible do you think I have managed to draw, in the 10 years I have been doing this ministry?

Competition Prize
Here’s an incentive – the person who guesses the closest percentage to the actual value will receive 5 free high quality Bible Cartoons of their choice.

Competition guidelines.

01) Your guess should be to the order of two decimal places (eg 50.67%, or 28.98%; 2 digits AFTER the decimal point).

02) To be fair you only get one guess per person.
The first guess I receive from someone is the one I will use. Further guesses by the same person won’t count, I’m afraid, so pick a number carefully!

03) Closing date for guesses is 12:00 midnight GMT, on Friday 23rd November 2018. Answers received after that time and date won’t count I’m afraid.

04) I’ll let you know the winner on Monday 26th November 2018, if they want me to let everyone know their name, that is! You can remain anonymous, should you so choose, just let me know before I announce a winner.

05) The judge’s decision (that’s me, folks!) is final regarding who wins, to avoid any squabbling!

06) Simply use the comments box below to write your answer, and whether or not you want me to announce your name, should you be the winner.

Happy guessing one and all!

That figure of 31,095 verses in the Bible is according to my calculations in an Excel spreadsheet I keep. The figure may be at odds with other sources on the internet, which quote other figures (31,102 (KJV), 31,173, etc, it rather depends upon the Bible translation you refer too.


  1. I’m gonna guess 8.6% which sounds terribly low but there is a lot of verses out there!

    Kate · Nov 20, 12:27 pm · #

  2. 15.50%

    Lee Smart · Nov 20, 12:31 pm · #

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