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The Doctrines of Christianity (adapted from NIV Disciple's Study Bible 1988)
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Each of these Major Doctrines has sub-divisions, which themselves often have further sub-divisions. To keep track of this I have used a numbering system so that each unique doctrinal point has a unique number/letter combination.

Words in italics within a unique doctrine point tell you how that point will appear in the notes below a Bible Cartoon, at the bottom of the page: e.g. THE TRINITARIAN GOD, 1.1 God, 1.11 GOD IS UNIQUE IN NATURE, 1.11A. He is constant in Nature would be written “GOD, Nature - [any notes about this subject]”.

Note: Some cartoons have several variations (eg a slightly different colour scheme or tone), which are denoted by v1, v2, etc after the Bible chapter & verse text, in the links on this page.

Note: If you see the same link with the same title twice that’s not an error, it is simply that the same doctrinal point leads to two different cartoons!