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Bible Cartoon pictures (NOT animated cartoons), Backgrounds, Maps, Gospel illustrations, Metaphors, merchandise and more, directly inspired from the Holy Bible - all drawn by Martin Young.
Helping you communicate the Gospel messsage in fun, colourful, exciting ways.

Randomly selected Bible Cartoon

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John 02 - Jesus clears the temple - Scene 01 - Jesus goes to Capernaum 980x706px col.jpg

Title: John 02 - Jesus clears the temple - Scene 01 - Jesus goes to Capernaum

Uploaded: 22 Jun 2023
Total no. of Bible Cartoons on BC website: 1041

Bible Cartoons - are pictures that tell a story directly related to ONE particular part of the Bible.

Benefits of using Bible Cartoons for you:

1. Spice up sermons, Sunday school, youth activities and presentations.

2. Help you communicate difficult bits of the Bible.

3. Encourage visual learners.

4. Help you reach all age groups.

5. Help you overcome language barriers.

6. Help people who struggle to read the Bible to engage with it more easily.

7. Get your point across more powerfully.

8. These Bible Cartoons are all drawn by the same person: providing a very consistent artistic style throughout.

9. Help your Evangelism.

10. Encourages Christian devotion.

Randomly selected Bible Cartoon Background

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Acts 13 - Paul’s first missionary journey - Scene 01 - Sailing for Cyprus - background 980x706px col.jpg

Title: Background of Acts 13 - Paul's 1st mission journey - Scene 01 - Sailing for Cyprus

Uploaded: 22 May 2024
Total no. of Bible Cartoon Backgrounds on BC website: 291

Bicle Cartoons Backgrounds - These are simply the Bible Cartoons I have drawn without the foreground figures and objects. They can be bought and you can add your own figures and objects to tell Bible stories.

Randomly selected Map

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The Walls of Jerusalem Map - Nehemiah 03 - Blank.jpg

Title: Walls and Gates of Jerusalem at the time of Nehemiah

Uploaded: 21 Jun 2024
Total no. of Maps on BC website: 33

Maps - There are small and large scale maps I have drawn, of the whole of the Middle East, the Sinai peninsula, and sections of Israel. There are also diagrams in this collection.

Randomly selected Gospel Illustration

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Dr Luke & Josephus 980x706px col.jpg

Title: Dr Luke and Josephus

Uploaded: 19 Jul 2019
Total no. of Gospel Illustrations on BC website: 21

Gospel Illustrations - show overarching themes from several, or many books of the Bible. They often convey themes or concepts we find linking several books, or running throughout the entire Bible, such as salvation, sacrifice, Easter, Christmas, etc.

Randomly selected Meta4 Picture

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Glass half full couple arguing metaphor 980x706px col.jpg

Title: Glass half full or half empty?

Uploaded: 16 Jun 2015
Total no. of Meta4 Pictures on BC website: 44

Meta4 Pictures - are much broader in scope than Bible Cartoons or Gospel Illustrations. They are often inspired by sermons or things that I have heard or seen, and which remind me of an important idea. They may relate to the Bible, or Christianity, but can also be about life, business, development, art, space, church or just about anything else!

What’s the difference between Bible Cartoons, Gospel Illustrations and Meta4 Pictures? Click the blue box below to find out in the Information/FAQ section:
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