Gospel Illustration: Ichthys Emmaus Road

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Scene no: 1 of 1

Illustration Description

This was a special commission for an American customer.


This Gospel Illustration has no particular time of day

The source of light in this scene is from the sun, high above.

Jesus, James/Cleopas (son of Alphaeus), doctor Luke.

An American customer contacted me & requested some scene to show the events just after the death of Jesus, with the 2 disciples meeting the resurrected Jesus on the road to Emmaus. This particular scene (with the Greek word “Ichthys” & the outline of a fish, made out of various tracks/pathways/roads on the ground) doesn’t appear anywhere in the Bible. That is why I have included it in the Gospel Illustrations section on the BC website.

Notice there are three small figures near the bottom of the lower curve of the fish symbol. These are the resurrected Jesus, James/Cleopas (son of Alphaeus), & doctor Luke (the gentile physician who wrote the books of Luke & Acts). In the upper right is one of the gates that leads into Jerusalem. There are various sheep, cows, bushes walls & other landscape features in the scene.

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