Bible Cartoon: Proverbs 15v24 - Pathway to life

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Bible Book: Proverbs
Bible Book Code: 2001502401
Scene no: 1 of 1

Bible Reference & Cartoon Description

Proverbs 15:24 (ANIV)
The path of life leads upward for the wise
to keep him from going down to the grave. [1]

Hebrew, Sheol.


Not specified in the Bible, I have set the scene in the mid morning.

There is a sunlight coming from above and left, which casts vague shows to the right of figures and objects.

Various unnamed people, walking along the path of life

This scene is a rather literal interpretation of the phrase “path of life”, which is represented in my picture by the healthy-looking green plants, grasses, rose bushes, colourful flowers, etc. In contrast to the path of life, is the surrounding landscape, with bones and skeletons in the right foreground, and skull motifs in the mountainous background. Notice also that nothing is alive in the areas off the pathway, the rocks are bare and the colour is sandy browns and grey tones, representing the lifelessness to be found in the surrounding landscape.

You can see the landscape without the figures below.
Proverbs 15v24 - Pathway of life - Background 980x706px.jpg
Background of Proverbs 15v24 – Pathway of life

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Background of Proverbs 15v24 – Pathway of life

Hopefully the point of the picture is clear: if you walk on the “path of life” (as revealed by, and provided by, faith in Jesus Christ) you will avoid walking “down to the grave (Hebrew. Sheol, the place of the dead).

I have drawn the figures with an air of carefree companionship; notice the little girl smelling the rose bloom in the foreground, and the couple (her parents?) following along behind her, talking quietly together. The other figures and groups of figures represent small families and couples, all walking along the green pathway, talking and enjoying their journey together. I am not trying to suggest that walking in faith with Jesus is easy, in fact the Christian life can be very challenging, difficult, painful, etc, especially as we are opposed by the spiritual forces of evil. However, the Christian path leads to life, both currently as we live out our lives on earth, AND after we die physically, meaning that there is always hope for us, despite any current or future difficulties we may face.