Bible Cartoon: Jeremiah 04 - Formless Earth

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Bible Book: Jeremiah
Bible Book Code: 2400400101
Scene no: 1 of 1

Bible Reference & Cartoon Description

Jeremiah 4:23 (NLT)
I looked at the earth, and it was empty and formless. I looked at the heavens, and there was no light.



Theoretically there should be no light, according to the verse. However, without any light at all you wouldn’t see anything, so I had to draw some light, in the form of a glow that illuminates the gas nubulae in space & the clouds of the earth, at the bottom of the scene.

None, except God.

The picture shows a scene from orbit, above the earth, with outer space stretching out beyond the planet.
This verse is a reference to Genesis 1:2 “The earth was empty, a formless mass cloaked in darkness. And the Spirit of God was hovering over its surface.” As I drew this scene, & just let it develop itself, I noticed that the left hand nebula looked like a male lion, in profile, with it’s mouth open – roaring, perhaps, looking towards the right hand side of the picture. That seemed intriguing, & appropriate: like Aslan the lion, from the Narnia books. Aslan is a metaphor for Jesus Christ, who, of course, was present at the beginning of the universe & instigated its creation. The right hand side of the picture is some sort of nameless creature, perhaps something like a caterpiller, or larva, or other creepy crawly creature! It perhaps represents chaos, or satan, or some such thing.