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Book type: The Law (History. The Pentateuch: the First 5 books of the Old Testament)
Author: Moses
No. of chapters: 40
Key character(s): God, Moses, Pharaoh (King of Egypt), Aaron, Miriam, Midian, Zipporah. [1]
Brief description: Exodus – God mightily delivers his people.
01) God saves his people (1:1-4:17)
02) God sends his leader on a difficult mission (4:18-7:2)
03) God reveals himself in punishing his enemy (7:3-12:30)
04) God reveals himself by delivering his people from bondage (12:31-15:21)
05) God provides for his doubting, complaining people (15:22-18:27)
06) God covenants with his people (19:1-20:21)
07) God gives civil, ceremonial & criminal laws to help his people (20:22-23:33)
08) God & his people must ratify the covenant (24:1-18)
09) God plans to be present with his people (25:1-31:17)
10) God restores a sinful people (31:18-34:35)
11) God honours the obedience of his people with his holy presence (35:1-40:38)

The book of Exodus brings a new awareness to God’s people of his redemptive power & his rightful claim on their lives.
[Source: NIV Disciple’s Study Bible]

Themes in the Book of Exodus:
There are several significant themes in the book of Exodus. Israel’s slavery is a picture of man’s slavery to sin. Ultimately only through God’s divine guidance and leadership can we escape our slavery to sin. However, God also directed the people through the godly leadership of Moses. Typically God also leads us into freedom through wise leadership and through his word.
The people of Israel had been crying out to God for deliverance. He was concerned about their suffering and he rescued them. Yet Moses and the people had to exercise courage to obey and follow God.

Once free and living in the desert, the people complained and began to yearn for the familiar days of Egypt. Often the unfamiliar freedom that comes when we follow and obey God, feels uncomfortable and even painful at first. If we trust God he will lead us into our Promised Land.

The institution of the law and the Ten Commandments in Exodus reveals the emphasis and importance of choice and responsibility in God’s kingdom. God blesses obedience and punishes disobedience.

Fuller list of major characters in the book of Exodus:

Name Notes
MosesLed Hebrew slaves out of Egypt; parted Red Sea; gave Law and 10 commandments at Mt. Sinai.
PharaohKing of Egypt.
AaronBrother of Moses who helped Moses before Pharaoh.
MiriamSister of Moses & Aaron.
JethroMoses’ father-in-law and advisor; father of Moses’ wife Zipporah.
ZipporahMoses’ wife & mother of his two sons: Gershom & Eliezer.
GershomMoses’ and Zipporah’s son.
EliezerMoses’ and Zipporah’s son.
JoshuaSon of Nun, assistant to Moses, who eventually leads the Hebrew people into the Promise Land after Moses dies.