Bible Cartoon: Exodus 02 - Moses murders - Scene 01 - Egyptian slave master (Version 02)

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Bible Book: Exodus
Bible Book Code: 0200201102
Scene no: 1 of 3

Bible Reference & Cartoon Description

Exodus 2:11 (ANIV)
One day, after Moses had grown up, he went out to where his own people were and watched them at their hard labour. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his own people.



The sun is on the right, casting shadows to the left.

An Egyptian slave master beating a Hebrew slave.
Two Hebrew slave girls carrying water urns.

There are two versions of this scene:
01) (Previous page) Exodus 02 – Moses murders – Scene 01 – Egyptian slave master (Version 01). This is the original version, with bare chested Hebrew men.

02) (This page) Exodus 02 – Moses murders – Scene 01 – Egyptian slave master (Version 02). This is the newer, more modest version (specifically requested by a customer) which covers up the bare chested Hebrew man in the scene.

I drew the background, with a complete set of Egyptian hieroglyphics, before I drew the characters in the scene. I am pleased with the drama & expressions on the characters faces, although the subject is not very pleasant!

I deliberately changed the design of the Egyptian slave master’s sandals, to differentiate them from Hebrew ones. The design for the green Egyptian sandals came when I was researching ancient Egyptian culture. Apparently woven papyrus or palm leaves were used very successfully for this footwear.

Notice also that the Hebrew slaves have no footwear at all.

I have carefully researched what ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics actually looked like. I have noticed that the carved figures are not entirely realistic, at least by today’s standards! The arms of people tend to be long & slender, & clothing is representative, rather than realistic. I suspect these are more characterisations of important people, rather than attempts at depicting the people in a realistic fashion. Bearing that in mind, I have drawn my carved stone figures according to the stylistic dictates of ancient Egypt, rather than as I would depict them… it’s not my “bad” drawing that shows arms too long!
I had a bit of a dilemma, as the photograph I was using as reference for the carved stone figures clearly showed the harvest women’s uncovered breast. I wondered about covering it with “stone clothing”, but in the end decided to be true to the stone carvers of that ancient time. As it happens, the head of the Egyptian slave master eclipses that stone feature in any case, but if i make the background available as a separate scene then it will be visible. I hope that feature does not offend anyone, that is not my intention, but Biblical, architectural & artistic accuracy are important to me, which is why, in the end, I decide to include it in the background.

As with a previous scene (Exodus 02 – Birth of Moses – Scene 04 – Moses playing) I have had a bit of fun with the hieroglyphics, adding a red space capsule (top left) & Doctor Who’s blue TARDIS (time machine) in the middle left! I’ve also added Noah’s ark (bottom left), you can see a close-up of these three below. I also added a green Tyrannosaurs rex on the bottom right wall! You could argue that the Egyptians were aware of the Flood & Noah’s ark. And if you reject the theory of evolution & accept the Bible’s account of creation in six days, then ancient people may well have been aware of, & encountered dinosaurs as well!

Exodus 02 - Moses murders - Scene 01 - Egyptian slave master - Background 980x706px col
Exodus 02 – Moses murders – Scene 01 – Egyptian slave master – Townscape
Scene without the figures, to show the hieroglyphics.

Exodus 02 - Moses murders - Scene 01 - Egyptian slave master - PARTIAL
Close-up of some of the fake hieroglyphics