Bible Cartoon: 1 Kings 17 - Widow of Zarephath - Scene 06 - Resurrected son

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Bible Book: 1 Kings
Bible Book Code: 1101702001
Scene no: 2 of 2

Bible Reference & Cartoon Description

1 Kings 17:20-21 (ANIV)
20 Then he [Elijah] cried out to the Lord, “O Lord my God, have you brought tragedy also upon this widow I am staying with, by causing her son to die?” 21 Then he stretched himself out on the boy three times and cried to the Lord, “O Lord my God, let this boy’s life return to him!” 22 The Lord heard Elijah’s cry, and the boy’s life returned to him, and he lived.


Unspecified in Bible.

There are two sources of light in this scene, the pale yellow oil lamp by the bed & feint white light coming from a window at the foot of the bed.

Elijah (kneeling in prayer) & the son the widow of Zerephath, who has just returned to life.

This is a fairly simple scene, focusing on the miracle of Elijah’s prayer in the resurrection of the widow’s son.

Bible Doctrine Notes
17:19-21 PRAYER, Petition (5.54D)

Petition and intercession are private prayers between an individual and God, they are not public prayers designed to instruct others. Elijah took the widow’s son up to the upper room where he was staying. Here he had no doubt spent many hours in prayer, such that the place had a personal history of prayer for Elijah, which probably heightened his faith for a miracle. Similarly Elijah was in his own room and shut other people out when he prayed for the Shunnamite’s son to be resurrected (see 2 Kings 4:21,32-33).