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Posted 11 Sep 2017

I just read an interesting idea in the book “the Personal MBA”, by Josh Kaufman…

What Is A ‘Hassle Premium’?

“People are almost always willing to pay for things that they believe are too much of a pain to take care of themselves. Where there’s a hassle, there’s a business opportunity: the Hassle Premium.

The more hassle a project or task involves, the more people are generally willing to pay for an easy solution, or pay someone to complete the job on their behalf…”

Here’s a link to the rest of that section in the book, if you’re interested:

In this sense I think Bible Cartons reduces hassle for people who are looking for Bible-related images designed by a single artist, with a single art style, coving much of the Bible. It’s a hassle for people to find visual resources for sermons, sundays school, school assemblies, etc. And even when they find an image they like, there is often only 1 picture per story, when they really want several scenes to tell the whole story. Having several artist’s work tell the whole story doesn’t look very good.

Bible Cartoons provides multiple pictures of the scenes that make up famous Bible stories, all designed with a single art style, which gives customers great continuity… lot’s of hassle relief for customers there!

Genesis 01 - The First 7 Days - Scene 01 - In the beginning PB 288x200px col


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