What now? Plans for the future.

Posted 18 Dec 2012

It’s finished! I’ve drawn all the cartoons I’ve planned to draw for my series on Matthew’s gospel and the Nativity story.

Here’s a link so you can see all of the cartoon artwork if you want to:

It’s taken quite a few weeks to get to this point and now I feel a bit lost! I often feel like this once a big project comes to an end. I suppose I ought to plan another big multi-cartoon project when I’m getting near to the end of the current one… if only I was that clever!

This little hiccup has produced some good “fruit” though. I’ve taken time to dream a little & “think outside the box”. I considered what Bible Cartoons might grow into, in terms of website developments, merchandise, sales, etc. It was brilliant to consider where we might be going next. Of course, only the Lord actually knows what will happen.

One of the ideas was to hold an exhibition of Bible Cartoons, printed onto large canvases. I think they would have a big impact on viewers, seen in large scale rather than on a small monitor screen.

I have plans for new mug designs, books, games, etc. There are also plans for new Activity books, e-colouring books, freebies… the skies the limit! Actually, money is the limit, since all this stuff costs a lot to produce! We’ll have to see if the Lord wants us to produce any of this stuff… the future of Bible Cartoons is in His hands.


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