“This won’t take long at all!”... How easy it is to be wrong!

Posted 07 Jul 2014

Last month (June 2014) I decided to make what I thought would be a small improvement to the Bible Cartoons website. I have what I call “Navigation Pages” for each of the 66 books of the Bible. They are pages with 2 arrows on them, point backwards (to the previous book of the Bible) & forwards to the current book. They (hopefully!) help viewers to recognise where in the Bible they are, when viewing cartoons on the gallery page.

Anyway, I decided it would be a good idea to add an article below each Navigation Page, with some helpful information on that book of the Bible. For example, I indicate how many chapters that book of the Bible has, who the author is, it’s main characters, the theological outline, etc.

I didn’t think it would take me long to write all 66 articles… however, it is taking a LOT longer than I reckoned! I’ve completed Genesis to Nahum, so only have 5 books of the Old Testament to go. I’m managing to write 2 Page articles per day… but even so, I still have all 27 of the New Testament books to write for! I guess it’ll be August before I finish!

The next (& MUCH longer) phase of the task is to replace all 66 of the (dull, boring!) grey-rectangles-&-2-arrows pages, with a composite scene, showing the main characters of the particular Bible book that the forward arrow indicates. That really will take a very long time indeed!
2 Samuel 18 - Absalom’s Death - Scene 04 - Absalom caught up PB 281x197px col


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