The Lord helped me in Web design!

Posted 29 Mar 2011

Yesterday (28/03/2011) I was deeply involved in researching how to get the “Search by Famous Bible Story” function on this website to work. I had produced an in-elegant solution last week, which worked, but was ugly… from a programming perspective. Yesterday I had an epiphany… quite literally, I believe the Lord showed me what I was doing wrong. I haven’t had many events like that – it was truly amazing. One minute I was deep into programming codes, tags, HTML & all that stuff, the next, I received a flash of insight, & I knew how to fix the problem. And, of course, the solution was right on the money. I hadn’t even been thinking of that solution… it just came to me. Some people would say that was my subconscious acting for my benefit, but I know what it feels like when my subconscious provides me with a solution, & this was far more lucid, & completely unconnected to what I was doing. In fact, I was provided with a piece of information that I had barely taken any notice of at all, when I was reading up on the whole subject.
I am simply very grateful to the Lord for His timely assistance.


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