The GDPR Police have been... possibly!

Posted 07 Jun 2018

Well, the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) start date of 25th May 2018 has been and gone. I’ve made every effort to become GDPR compliant that I can think of. Here’s my Bible Cartoons (BC) efforts so far:

So far the GDPR police haven’t stormed the building demanding to see my safe record-keeping…yet! Mind you, we did have a Police helicopter circle round quite low over us yesterday – maybe they have some remote sensing equipment on board that check your GDPR compliance from the air?!

So, having got that far with GDPR compliance, it must be time to actually do some artwork, mustn’t it?! The only pictures I drew for the whole of last week were a thank you note for new sign ups to the BC newsletter, and a sign up couple – see below:

Thank you man & woman 980x612px col cropped.jpg
Thank you man and woman

Sign up couple 500x606px col cropped.jpg
Sign up couple

So now I really must do some drawing – before I forget how to do it!!!


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