Switch from Old to New Testament

Posted 27 Jan 2021

From May right through to the end of 2020, and in most of January 2021 I have been drawing Bible Cartoons in the Old Testament. So now I think it’s time I switched attention to the New Testament for a while. I am starting in Matthew’s Gospel, in chapter 13, where there are some fascinating parables that Jesus told. I’ll start with the parable of the sower, where he references 4 different types of soil: along the path (Matt. 13:4), on rocky places (v. 5), among thorns (v. 7), good soil (v. 8).

In case you would like to see the Bible Cartoons I drew in the OT last year, here are 2 links to follow:

Bible Cartoons: The complete book of Ruth

Bible Cartoons: The prophet and the lion


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