Success at FISH-ing!

Posted 09 Dec 2014

I was invited to F.I.S.H. (Friendship International Students & Hosts) at University of Northampton last night (Mon 08/Dec/2014) to give a talk about Bible Cartoons. I was asked to focus on the Nativity story, so it was a good job that I have recently finished my Luke 02 series on that very subject!

FISH is for international students studying at the University & meet at the Globe Cafe.

The talk was very well received & I enjoyed the opportunity to talk passionately about Bible Cartoons. I admit that I was nervous – public speaking is not really within my comfort zone!

It’s interesting to see how the Lord uses seemingly unconnected encounters (in our human eyes) to help us. The previous Saturday I visited my cousin in Worcester, having a great chatty catch up, as you do! He spoke to me about his work in training care staff regarding manual lifting & dignity, amongst other things. The thing he said that caught my attention was about the need to communicate in a way that engages the “audience”. He likened it to a performance of sorts, in that he has to get various points & information across in very engaging ways.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but that was EXACTLY what I needed to hear, to unlock my own potential, when it came to talking to the FISH students about Bible Cartoons. I believe the Lord used what my cousin said about his work, to show me how to overcome my own anxiety about public speaking. So… I was “big” in my actions & interactions; I modulated my voice & allowed myself to laugh & engage with the audience; I asked for questions & got some too! I also presented the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, via my Bible Cartoons & (hopefully!) helped the people present step closer to Jesus in the process. All in all the evening was good & I left feeling much more confident than when I went there!

So, thanks to my cousin; to the FISH group who were so polite, kind, understanding & encouraging, & most all thanks to the Lord God, who uses everything we encounter for our good.


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