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Posted 02 Apr 2012

I only wrote 1 Blog article in the whole of March 2012 – how remiss of me! Mind you, when you’re the artist/cartoonist, web-updater, accounts-keeper, reader, writer & publisher of articles, dreamer & visionary, ideas man, & fulfiller of most of the functions of the entire business, then it is obvious that I can’t do everything to the level of expertise & brilliance that I would like too… something’s gotta give! When it comes to a choice, I will tend to concentrate on the cartooning artwork over pretty much anything else. That was the case last month (March 2012), when I drew, coloured, finished & made available on the BC website 10 cartoons. That smashes my previous record of producing 8 cartoons in one month, which was way back in march 2010!

If you’ve been following which cartoon illustrations I have been producing over the last month, then you will know that I have been concentrating my efforts on the story of Jesus’ crucifixion in Mark’s Gospel. I hope that I will be able to produce one more cartoon illustration before Good Friday (only 4 days away now), which will show Simon of Cyrene helping Jesus to carry the cross.

Goal: 40 cartoons by the end of the year
Looking at the “Search… by Bible Book” page shows that there are 24 Old Testament & 16 New Testament Bible books (totalling 40 of the 66 books of the Bible) which I haven’t drawn any cartoon illustrations for… yet. My goal for the end of the year is to produce at least 1 cartoon for each these 40 books. I aim to produce a cartoon that sort of encapsulates the main content or theme of each book.

The other thing I want to do is create a slideshow gallery function for the BC website, so that a viewer can see all the cartoon illustrations on a single page, & be able to navigate easily between the bible books, purchase the ones they want, etc. I’ve designed the page & thought about how to achieve the function, but that’s a l-o-n-g way away from having an actual working webpage! Think I’ll need both God’s inspiration, & someone’s web design/development expertise here!

Addendum: As of 20/11/2012 I have managed to create a working slideshow on the homepage – Hurray!

Addendum: As of 12/05/2015 I have removed the slideshow from the homepage, as it was slowing down the page load time.


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