Reptiles of Israel

Posted 11 Oct 2010

I’ve just finished my most recent session of research into the animals of Israel. This time I’ve concentrated on the reptiles of Israel. It’s taken several weeks to complete, adding a few photographs & description’s every day. I’ve managed to collect photographs & information (largely from Wikipedia online) for 11 Turtles, 4 Tortoises, 44 Lizards & 41 Snake species found in & around the country. I have also tried to discover which habitats or climatic zones each reptile lives in. I like to find out which animals live where, so that I can accurately place them in my cartoons… there would be nothing worse than drawing a cartoon based in the cooler, northern Israel & including a species of lizard, to then discover that it only exists in the hot Negev deserts of the south. What a terrible oversight that would be… at least it would be for me, as I try to make my cartoon illustrations as realistic & accurate as possible! I have to accept though that I’m not an expert in these things, & errors are likely, based on my incomplete knowledge. Still, I enjoy the research greatly, with the aim & hope of making my cartoons more accurate, as my Bible knowledge increases over time.


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