Redesigned maps for Bible Cartoons website

Posted 31 Jan 2017

I have decided to update my Bible Cartoon maps. Did you know that I draw maps to help people find out where places are that are mentioned in the Bible? There are lots of quite obscure towns, cities & other places mentioned in the Bible, which are hard to find, hence the maps I draw! I hope they will help people to identify where a certain place is, & so help them engage more with the Bible.

I noticed that my maps are very functional, but not very fun! So I am re-vamping their design, to include little figures around the edges, little pictures of animals, & other elements that will hopefully make people smile when they see them.

I’ll post again when they are finished & uploaded, so you can see them.

John 01 - John the Baptist PB 148x104px col


  1. thanks for updating the bible cartoon website

    — บาคาร่า · Apr 4, 08:42 am · #

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