Queen of Sheba scene

Posted 18 Jul 2012

I have just uploaded the very first cartoon in the 2 Chronicles Bible book, which shows the Queen of Sheba journeying across sandy desert to reach King Solomon in Jerusalem, Israel.

I have shown the queen of Sheba riding a camel, on a soft cushion-like saddle, with a large parasol-like canopy above her, protecting her from the scorcing desert sun. Perhaps her body guard (walking along beside her, carrying a spear) looks a bit grumpy because he dosn’t have either a camel or a parasol!

I have shown the queen’s camel caravan as a very long string of camels, because these were & still are common beasts of burden in many middle eastern countries. The queen’s camel caravan brought spices, gold, and precious stones as tokens of her friendship & no doubt as a means of securing trade between her country & Israel. The camel caravan must have been very long & composed of hundreds, if not thousands of camels & /or other beasts of burden, not to mention a large soldier guard for the queen, plus porters, camel drivers, & other members of the queen’s retinue. All would have been arranged & dedicated to the single task of ensuring the safe arrival of the queen & all of her precious gift cargo.

Here’s a copy of the finished picture:

2 Chronicles 9 - Queen of Sheba - Scene 01 - Great caravan
2 Chronicles 9 – Queen of Sheba – Scene 01 – Great caravan

Follow this link to see this Bible Cartoon on the BC Gallery page, with download & purchase options:
Bible Cartoon: 2 Chronicles 9 – Queen of Sheba – Scene 01 – Great caravan


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