Premier.tv “Praxman” interviews

Posted 13 Jul 2011

Just found Premier.tv – Christian TV on demand, on the internet. There is a set of 4 sketches, written by Justin Butcher & Andrew Harrison, which take the form of interviews, between Jeremy Praxman (ha ha!) & 4 celebrity guests, asking some searching questions, in a humourous & thought-provoking way. I highly recommend watching them. The one between Praxman & Professor Ditchkins (ha ha!) is funny – well, they all are! These fictional interviews are sort of written from the perspective of what a Christian would like to say to these celebrities, who often get interviews all their own way!

The “blurb” for the series reads: “Is being a Christian like living in a straight jacket? Premier TV invites you to watch the latest in our hilarious sketch series. Praxman’s latest formidable guest claims that freedom means having ‘my truth, my way’.”

Here’s the link to Premier TV’s website & the interviews, which will take you off this website & on to Premier.tv’s website:


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