Philemon goes green!

Posted 04 Dec 2015

Philemon 01 - Paul’s plea for Onesimus 980x706px col.jpg
Philemon 01 – Paul’s plea for Onesimus

Follow this link to see this Bible Cartoon on the BC Gallery page, with download & purchase options:
Bible Cartoon: Philemon 01 – Paul’s plea for Onesimus

I have just completed my very first Bible Cartoon for the New Testament book of Philemon, which is a very small book – it only has 25 verses ion it! The scene shows a runaway slave returning to Philemon (his master) along with Tychicus & a letter from the imprisoned apostle Paul, telling Philemon how useful Onesimus has been, & that Paul regards him as a son.

I am one step closer to making all the remaining red boxes on the BC website’s “Search by Bible Book” page turn green. A red box indicates I haven’t drawn any Bible Cartoons drawn for that book.

Now I only have 5 books of the Bible to illustrate & then I’ve done at least one Bible Cartoon for each of the 66 books of the Bible… can I do it before year’s end? I hope so!


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