New Colouring Book added

Posted 14 May 2012

I have just created a new e-colouring book for The Exodus 07-12 Ten Plagues of Egypt & added it to the merchandise page. I should point out that you buy a file which is sent to you on email, & that this is NOT a printed booklet that you get in the post. However, there is nothing to stop you printing out the file, once you purchase it, so you end up with a hard copy. Of course the usual copyright laws apply – so you can’t print out a million copies & start selling them… not without the Bible Cartoons & Copyright police arresting you!

Seriously though, please feel free to print out copies for your church, Sunday school group, Holiday Bible club group, etc. But I do ask you not to send a copy of the file you have purchased to another individual, organisation or church. Please direct any interested parties to the Bible Cartoons website, so they can purchase their own copies – that way I can keep providing these colouring books to you. Thanks.

Here’s a link to take you to the new page:
The Exodus 07-12 Ten Plagues of Egypt e-Colouring Book


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