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Posted 03 Sep 2014

I have been writing one article for each of the 66 books of the Bible recently. A brief overview of what the book is about, who wrote it, what the main theme(s) are, etc. My hope is that the information will be helpful & informative to anyone who wants to find out who wrote each book of the Bible & why they penned it.

I thought that would take quite a long time to finish… boy, was I right about that! I stared writing my Genesis article on 05/June/2014 & I have got as far as 1 Timothy today (03/Sept/2014) nearly 3 months later! And there’s still 12 books of the Bible to write for!Bible character explosion 300x218px col 01

These book introduction articles appear below what I call my “Nav Cells” (navigation pages) when viewers are looking at my Bible Cartoons. The nav cells are grey rectangles, with 2 arrow on them, & the names of the previous & next books in the Bible. They act as dividers between the Bible cartoons from one book of the Bible to the next. I thought it would be helpful to have the nav cell dividers, in case someone clicked the “next” or “previous” buttons & ended up in another book of the bible, & totally confused as to where they were! The nav cells inform the viewer that they are heading out of one book & into another!

The article writing work won’t be finished when I’ve written the last book’s (Revelation) article either. I have used other people’s writing in the articles, but that isn’t “sitting” right with me. I have credited my source in each article, but still it seems to me that I ought to write my own article content, rather than quote someone else’s ideas. So I will have to go back & re-visit all the previously written 53 articles & re-write them, with my own words. At least I can’t be accused of plagiarism then!

My ultimate nav cell goal is to add characters from each book of the Bible to the dull grey rectangle & make it a piece of artwork in its own right… sort of a visual overview or composite picture of the main characters & events of each book of the Bible. I guess that will take years of work as well, but it is all for the glory of the Bible & our Almighty God, so I’m not complaining about how long it might take me!


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