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Posted 26 Feb 2010

I am an artist, first & foremost. That is what I am, & to some degree who I am! Some of my identity comes from the fact that I see through an artists eyes & feel things deeply as an artist. To add to that statement, I am a Christian artist, in that now the vast majority of my work is Christian in nature. I am incredibly grateful to my wife for the love & support she constantly shows me, in enabling me to pursue this career of Biblical Cartoonist.

As soon as the website “went live”, I realised that my time would have to be split between doing the cartoons & promoting the website. Whilst cartooning & art come as second nature to me, it seems that marketing & promotion do not! I am convinced of the necessity of these things, but they are somewhat mysterious & strange to me. I am definitely closing in on answering some of the bigger questions about marketing: I have some idea of who my target market is, & some more idea of the necessity of updating my website frequently to keep the Googlebots happy! I’ve got Google Analytics giving me more statistics, charts & graphs about the website & its viewers than I know what to do with too! let’s hope I am able to use all this data to formulate a strategic marketing plan… whatever one of those is!


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