Man with head in lion!

Posted 31 Jul 2015

Be strong lion metaphor 980x706px col.jpg
Be strong lion

I’ve just completed another Meta4 picture – this one is based on a mug design I drew for a friend.

You can see the scene under “Meta4s” on the menubar.

The picture is inspired by the Joshua 1:7 quote “Be strong and very courageous”.
For this version of the picture (in Meta4s) I have added an African scene in the background. I found a suitable photo on the internet, then modified it, altered colours & tones, & added the black outlines around the hills, trees, bushes, etc. I have also faded it, so that it doesn’t take the viewers attention away from the man & lion in the foreground.

Follow this link to see this Meta4 Picture, with download & purchase options:
Meta4 Picture: Be strong lion


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