“Look into the light”

Posted 31 Dec 2014

It’s 5.40pm where I live, on New Year’s Eve, busy night ahead, so this will be short!

Had several fabulous dreams last night. Very auspicious I think, it being New Years Eve. I won’t go into details here, the dreams need writing up, pondering about & figuring out first! The gist of the 2nd one was me standing in a large cave, trying to get to the light, which shone all around a large bolder (obstacle) which blocked the way. I eventually managed to squeeze through the gaps between the cave walls & obstacle & entered the light. It was the light of God’s country – dazzlingly bright. As my eyes became accustomed to the brightness I perceived God’s eyes looking at me.

There is much to say about this dream, & the one preceding it, & the one that came afterwards, which was more of a thought (as I woke up) than a dream I think. Wow, who’d have thought we could get so much from a few dreams!

The phrase “Look into the light” kept coming back to me, even as I woke up. I hurriedly wrote notes about the dreams as I sat up in bed this morning. I think “Look into the light” is probably meant to be the motto for my life in 2015. The light of God; the light of His eyes; the light of heaven.

I’ll type the dream up – maybe do an illustration to go with it & post in the BC blog soon. Until then, I hope & pray you will have a wonderful & Happy New Year & that 2015 brings amazing things & all of God’s blessings to you.

Addition to Blog, written 23/01/2105.
To read the Blog article detailing this dream (written on 23/Januray/2015)
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