Larger Bible Cartoons now visible on BC website!

Posted 21 Jul 2016

Have just finished a huge undertaking, that has taken just over 2 weeks to complete! On 06/July/2016 I started to re-size all the Bible Cartoons so that much larger versions could be shown on the Gallery page (the page where you see the Bible Cartoons). Just now (on the 21st/July/2016) I finished with the last picture in Revelation – hurray!

Then I had to re-size 67 other pictures as well… the “navigation cells” which are the black rectangles with arrows on, which are visible between the BC’s of 1 book & the next. These “nav cells” direct people who are scrolling through the cartoons & tell them there are leaving one book of the Bible & going into the next one.

The final phase was increasing the page code that controls the size of the cartoons, changing from width=“525px” x height=“378px” to width=“980px” x height=“706px”, so the images are about half as large again on screen – well worth the effort!

The purpose of all this hard work is to provide visitors with much larger versions of the cartoons, to increase their “wow!” factor! I put quite a lot of detail into the more recent images & it will be a lot easier for visitors to see & appreciated that work when the cartoon is shown at a larger size.

I started in Genesis, & have been working through the whole BC collection, which currently stands at 527 pictures. What a huge job this has been, but it is completed now, so I can celebrate! Praise the Lord for endurance & determination to see this job through!

Joshua 03 - Jordan crossing - Scene 01 - Officers orders PB 125x274px col


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