John 08 - Truth sets you free

Posted 07 Sep 2015

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John 08 – Truth sets you free 01

This is an idea a friend of mine & I talked about in a restaurant recently, showing the choices we all have to make. On the one hand we have the truth (found in the Bible) & on the other we have lies that occur to us, which are actually from the enemy (Satan). If you look closely at the drawing you’ll see 3 overlapping white ovals on the left of the man in green (containing statements of truth) & three on the right (containing common lies). In fact there are lots of statements of truth & lies which could be shown in the ovals. Perhaps it would be useful to provide this drawing without any wording, so that users could add their own?

The point of the drawing is to show that we all have to make daily, hourly, even second-by-second choices about what we will choose to believe. Jesus said that “the truth will set you free” (from the lies of Satan), but that only applies if:

01) You KNOW what the Bible says, by reading it, &
02) You chose to believe what God says (about Him, & you) from the Bible.

The power to change our behaviour lies in what we say, which comes from what we think & believe. The truth sets us free only when we believe what Jesus says about us – that’s our part to play in the equation.

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