Holidays, flies, life-scales & God

Posted 04 Jun 2014

My wife & I were on holiday in Pembrokeshire, South Wales last week. Sitting outside a restaurant watching the sun go down I noticed a fly in a water filled dog bowl. What struck me was the contrast between it’s situation & our own. It was struggling to escape the water’s grip & fly off, whilst we were enjoying ourselves without a care in the world. The difference to my mind was one of scale: the fly (so small it couldn’t break out of the water) was fighting for its life, whilst we (larger; on the next scale up) were sitting & enjoying the view & sun, without incident or trouble at that time.

That led me to wonder if, when we are struggling against whatever difficulties we face, there are beings on the next scale up who watch us, in much the same way as I could see the fly. I don’t think the fly could have been aware of us, residing on it’s scale of the almost microscopic. In the same way, we are almost entirely unaware of the beings observing us, on the next scale up from our earthly existence. I am referring to heavenly beings: angels & fallen angels (or daemons) – these are the beings on the next scale up from us. No doubt they watch us struggle in our “dog bowls” of life!

And the ultimate observer of humanity is, of course, our Heavenly Father. Thank goodness He is best described as “Love” & that His nature is kind & benevolent towards us.

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