Holiday & the “official” business plan!

Posted 04 Nov 2011

We’re back from holiday in North Yorkshire. I was ready and raring to get back to Bible Cartoons, however, our phone line had other ideas! I’ve reported a line fault (and no internet access) to British Telecom, who say it may take 3 days to fix… arghhhh! How can I survive without internet access for that long?!

I read about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) whilst on holiday, hoping to gain some insights into how to maximise my website’s page ranking. It appears there are quite a lot of things I can do to help boost the website’s presence in search engines.

I also read most of a book entitled “How to write a business plan.”
“What?!” I can you all crying, “You haven’t written a business plan yet?!”
W-e-l-l… I sort of have… a bit of a plan….ish! OK, so it’s not a watertight, high-energy, no-holds-barred, guaranteed-to-succeed kind of business plan. My idea of a business plan certainly wouldn’t have all the Dragon’s on “Dragon’s Den” falling over themselves to offer me investment… but I do have some kind of a plan!

I’ve long known that I needed a plan in order to make Bible Cartoons a success, but my approach to the subject so far has been that of an artist, rather than a hard-nosed business man! As an artist I can think to myself “I’ll try x,y,z and see what happens” or more likely, “I feel like doing this today, so I’ll do it”, which is a bit more honest!

That organic, evolving, developing (OK, cack-handed!) approach seems to have worked so far and seems quite reasonable to me. But various friends have begun to ask more searching questions about my plans for Bible Cartoons and I have realised that I just can’t put off writing the wretched “Official” Business Plan any more!

My business plan has been more of a right-brain, mental on-going strategy, rather than a spiral bound, properly typed, left-brain version up until now! But I concede that I’ll have to write a “proper” one, if only to tick it off my “to-do” list… which is extremely long and growing longer by the minute and to keep the left-brainers happy!

I’ll let you know how I get on.


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