Friend needed for mobile-friendly website!

Posted 26 Mar 2015

Help… I need a friend!

I received an email from Google the other day telling me that my website (www.biblecartoons.co.uk) is not mobile-freindly. Apparently Google are going to start penalising websites that aren’t configured to be mobile-friendly. Oh dear.

According to Google Analytics I currently receive about 13% of all site visits via mobile devices, so it is probably worth me investing time to create a mobile version of the BC website.

So I have three options:
01) I can spend a lot of my time in the near future learning all about how to convert my website & make it mobile-friendly.
02) I can pay a developer to make my website & make it mobile-friendly.
03) I can ask for a willing volunteer to help me.

Option 01 will take me away from drawing the Bible Cartoons, so I wonder if that is the best use of my time.
Option 02 might cost a significant amount of money… which I don’t have!
Option 03 would be the best, in my humble opinion, not just from the cost-saving aspect either! I’ve realized that what I’d REALLY like is a partner (preferably with technical skill!) who could work with me to develop the website, help with marketing, etc.

It’s quite a juggling act, doing the artwork, website, business work all on my own (violins come in at this point!) The Bible research, design, drawing & colouring of the Bible Cartoons themselves is great, but it takes quite a lot of my time up, naturally. Add to that the website work & business work & I end up chasing my tail a lot of the time! Publishing the cartoons, writing the blog, developing features on the website… it all takes time. And now making it mobile-friendly – such a steep learning curve!

So, what I’m praying about to Jesus at the moment is “Please send me a friend who’d be willing to enter this Bible Cartoons project with me!”

Do I hear any takers?!


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