First Meta4 picture of 2022

Posted 13 Jan 2022

Tuning the world down and the Lord up 980x706px col.jpg Tuning the world down and the Lord up

I usually start the year with a Bible Cartoon picture, but this year I’ve started with a Meta4 image instead. It was inspired by the pastor at New Life Church, Northampton, UK on Sunday 2nd January 2022. He mentioned the idea of “Turning down the volume of the world & turning up the volume of the Lord”, which I gathered meant choosing to “reduce the volume” of the world’s distractions, whilst simultaneously & deliberately “turning up the volume” of our listening to the Lord. That idea sparked a Meta4 picture for me, which I have recently uploaded to the Bible Cartoons website.

In my illustration there are obvious elements from the world & the Lord… the left hand side of the picture represents the world, and the right hand side represents God. You can see two hands turning the volume knobs on “The World” & “The Lord”. Above the volume controls are illuminated needle indicators, moving downward towards 0 on the left (reducing volume) & moving upwards (increasing volume) on the right.

At the top of the image are things we might associate with each of these two contrasting things. The left hand side (The world) has bombs, violence, lust, conflict, a book on macro evolution, etc. The right hand side (the Lord, Christian faith) has Jesus, the cross, communion (bread & wine), & praying hands.

I’m not saying that any of the elements on the left hand side are totally wrong, although I hope you will agree that nuclear holocaust ought to be avoided! I’m sure most people would like to have a bit more peace & a lot less violence, war & death in the world. I’m not anti-computer either. It’s just that, as we all know, computers can be used for good or evil; they can be great assets to us, but they can be mis-used just as easily. Just look at the impact of online pornography as an example of this. As the old adage goes fire can be used to burn, or to warm us. Fire itself isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s the use it is put to that determines whether it benefits us or harms us. The same is true of most of the things we might find in the world.

I thought I would include a close up of Covid-19 virus cells (the spiked orange balls) near the middle top of the picture, that being a current concern/anxiety/worry/dread/problem for all of us!

Follow this link to see this Meta4 Picture, with download & purchase options:
Meta4 Picture:Tuning the world down and the Lord up


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