End of January 2010 review

Posted 31 Jan 2010

How has January 2010 gone? Well, it’s been pretty good. I’ve drawn some cartoons I’m pleased with. I’ve started promoting & marketing this website.

There are still functions & things that need to be added to the website, such as:
1) Develop a magnifying glass, or another enlargement function, so that viewers can see larger, more detailed cartoons.
2) Previous and Next buttons & a gallery of cartoon thumbnails, at the bottom of the cartoon viewing page.
3) E-commerce functions: so that it is easy for people to actually buy the hi-res’ cartoons.
4) Comments function: so that viewers will be able to leave written comments for both cartoons & blog entries.
These things take time to research & to manufacture. Dan (my web man) does a fantastic job for me, but he is employed full time & he & his wife have just had a baby, so you can image he doesn’t get much time to re-jig my website. Please be patient with us!

Prayer requests: I need help in promoting this website. It’s more a case of wisdom to know in what way(s) to best promote the website. If you’d like to pray for that issue, I’d be very grateful.


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