Do you know where Dan & Beersheba have got to?!

Posted 03 Jul 2014

“Today we are raising a spiritually unenlightened generation. In a survey conducted in New York city, 9 out of 10 people couldn’t repeat one of the 10 Commandments or name one of the 1st 4 books of the New Testament.
One man thought Dan & Beersheba were husband & wife!
Another thought an epistle was the wife of an apostle!
We smile, but’s its a deadly serious issue.” – UCB Word for Today (Dated 02/July/2014)

That’s pretty funny… about the bloke who thought Dan & Beersheba were husband & wife! And the other one who thought an epistle was the wife of an apostle! Might be true; might be a literary device to make a point… still made me laugh & that’s good!

Of course YOU know that Dan was one of the 12 tribes of Isarel, & therefore a region in Israel after the invasion of the Promised Land. And of course YOU know that Beersheba is a town/city in the south of Israel, on the frontier of the Negev desert.

Of course YOU know that an epistle is a letter, written & recorded in the New Testament. And of course YOU know that an apostle is an important early Christian teacher or leader, such as Simon/Peter, James, John or Paul.

Luke 10 - Parable of the good Samaritan SET02 - Scene 03 - Good Samaritan PB 162x160px colThe Word for Today article makes the interesting point, “Many of the problems we seek counselling for could be resolved & in some cases avoided altogether, if we took the time each day to get into God’s Word. The reason many of us are spiritually sick is not because the medicine [God’s Word] failed, but BECAUSE WE DIDN’T TAKE IT.”

I highlight that last part, “BECAUSE WE DIDN’T TAKE IT”, because we don’t! God has given us all things pertaining to life, & life in the full. But if we don’t ACT on the truth, then we won’t get all the BENEFITS of the truth. I think this is what the writer of Word for Today is driving at.

How many times have I read the Bible, thought “Oh, that’s REALLY interesting!”, but then forgotten what I just learned when I close the Bible?! Somehow I need to devise a method where I can remember what I have learnt. The Bible promises that the Holy Spirit will remind us of all truth. But equally I have my part to play in that process.

How about you?
Do you know Dan & Beersheba are?!
Do you know your apostles from your epistles?!
More importantly, do you read the Bible & strive to remember AND APPLY it to your life?…

… The answer for our ailments are all IN THE BIBLE!

Luke 16 - Rich man and Lazarus - Scene 06 - Bible PB 172x224px dpi col


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