Crashed Bible Cartoons website - oh no!

Posted 20 Sep 2021

Last Thursday (16th Sept 2021) I decided to upgrade the Content Management System (CMS) of the Bible Cartoons website. Well, in fact I didn’t do that, I had to ask my web hosting company to do it for me. I didn’t install the original CMS, a friend did it for me, who knows a lot more about such things than I ever will! The CMS has undergone improvements over time, & I thought I had better use the latest stable version, or get left behind.. or worse, not have a website that works on modern servers any more!

My web hosting company agreed to update the CMS, which occurred last Thursday. Unfortunately, the BC website stopped working & reported a fatal error… that made my heart race a bit! A couple of returning customers reported the error to me. So on Friday I had a look at the CMS articles, forms & page coding to try to figure out what had gone wrong.

I managed to discover the error, and fix it, so now the web site is back up again, “purring like a kitten” as I told one of the returning customers!


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