Celebrating my 1,000th Bible Cartoon!

Posted 25 Jul 2023

Luke 17 - God's kingdom coming - Scene 04 - Business as usual 980x706px col.jpg

I have reached a significant milestone today (25/July/2023… I have drawn 1,000 Bible Cartoons. You may notice that the counter on the “Search by Bible Book” web page only records 999 Bible Cartoons, not 1,000. This is because I drew a scene (“Luke 02 – The Nativity – Jesus, Joseph & Mary”) in December 2008, but I never really liked that picture. So, in November 2022 I re-drew the scene, & replaced the image on the Bible Cartoons website. However, the original still counts as a Bible Cartoon, so I actually have drawn 1,000 Bible Cartoons! It makes sense to me… sort of!

Here’s a link to the 1,000 Bible Cartoon in Luke’s gospel:
Follow this link to see this Bible Cartoon on the BC Gallery page, with download & purchase options:
Bible Cartoon: Luke 17 – God’s kingdom coming – Scene 04 – Business as usual


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